The transmission point of the post office in TO-02

The transmission point of the post office in TO-02


In 1960, the old Fuchsbau was extended on its south side by several large galleries.
The so-called switching center of Deutsche Post is housed in it.

In the picture the cabinets of the ATZ-64, an automatic telephone exchange, developed in 1964 and used mainly for the special network S-1.
The ATZ was already based on the coordinate switch technology and thus decades ahead of the civil network of the Post.


From 1964, the amplifier office of the German Post is housed here and later receives the designation transmission station 2 .
Left in the picture the core of the transmission station:
The cabinets of the VZ12 and UKM technology...
Transistor and IC-equipped amplifiers for the telephone channels.
You can still see the test receiver.

The joint accommodation of NVA and post office in one building is unique and has proven itself.


Long rows of distributors in the side gallery of the transmission station.

Here were the tube-equipped amplifiers for telephone channels in Z12 technology.

Further back is WT technology and the teletype exchange with lifting rotary dialer technology.


From the rectifier room you get to the room with the accumulators of the post.


A workplace of the on-duty employee of the post office, who was always seen in shorts because of the high temperatures in the operating rooms.


Low voltage main distribution board for the postal facilities.
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