Combat sections

Combat sections

The service within the NVA "Fuchsbau" was organized in 10 combat sections (GA).
All heads of the combat sections were subordinate to the head of the "FBZ-Raduga".
His workrooms were located on the north gable of the head building.

The operational battle sections included:

DFBZ: The Duty Crew Commander and Deputy to the Chief of Air Staff
. GA-I: The Reconnaissance and Information Center of the Air Defense Radio-Technical Forces
. GA-III: The group of flight control and SAR control center
GA-IV: The Direction Group for command and control of own forces and means
GA-VI: The Central Aeronautical Meteorological Station of the NVA
GA-VII: The intelligence and air traffic control group

The securing areas in the bunker were divided into the following combat sections:

GA-II: The automated battle management system "ALMAS-2"
GA-V: The computer center with the system ESER-EC 1056 for battle preparation
. GA-VIII: The group of technical supply systems for both protective structures
GA-IX: The intelligence operations battalion of the intelligence regiment 14

Also subordinate to the head of the office were:

The political department with SED party secretary,FDJ secretary and the head of the cultural institution
. The group of rear security with the medical service,the financial economy,the accommodation service,the motor vehicle security,the food and clothing service. ARIG-14 Combat Intelligence Group
. The guard company (see also the report of a former guard soldier)